Akash India restaurant serves award-winning Indian cuisine. Every item on our menu is prepared with authentic Indian herbs and spices. Each dish is prepared in our kitchen with extreme care to ensure you consistently good quality. Our food is prepared spicy as per your taste. Please advise the waiter how hot you would like your meal.
Following is our menu:

N A N - A - T A N D O O R I B R E A D
T A N D O O R I   S P E C I A L T I E S
R I C E   S P E C I A L T Y  D I S H E S
V E G E T A R I A N   S P E C I A L T I E S
C H I C K E N   S P E C I A L T I E S
L A M B   S P E C I A L T I E S
S H R I M P  O R   F I S H   S P E C I A L T I E S
D I N N E R   S P E C I A L T I E S

1 Tawa Tikki Mildly spiced potatoes topped with homemade yogurt and tamarind sauce  
2 Vegetable Samosa (2pcs) Deep fried pastries stuffed with mildly spiced potatoes and green peas  
3 Keema Samosa (2pcs) Mildly spiced beef filled pastries  
4 Chicken Pakora Tender boneless batter fried chicken marinated with spices  
5 Vegetable Pakora Assorted fresh fritters  
6 Paneer Pakora Homemade cheese cubes spiced and batter fried  
7 Aloo Tikki Mildly spiced minced deep fried potatoes  
8 Papdi Chat A tangy sweet blend of chick peas, potatoes, papadies, a touch of yogurt with black Indian salt served chilled  
9 Assorted Vegetable Platter A sample of vegetarian appetizers  
10 Mixed Platter A sample of appetizers including chicken pakora and paneer pakora  
11 Chicken Dippers Traditional boneless fried chicken  
12 Papardamn Crisp spicy lentil wafer  
1 Dal Soup Deliciously mild lentil soup  
2 Malgatwaney Soup    
1 House Salad Freshly made tossed salad with herbs and lemon  
2 Tomatoes and Onions Lightly seasoned  
Side Dishes    
1 Raita A tangy mixture of potatoes, cucumbers and tomatoes in fresh homemade yogurt  
2 Hot Pickles    
3 Sweet Mango Chutney    
1 Chapati (Roti) Traditional baked whole wheat bread  
2 Plain Paratha Multi-layered whole wheat bread  
3 Aloo Paratha Multi-layered whole wheat bread with potatoes  
4 Poori Whole wheat bread lightly fried  
5 Bhatura Crisp layered fried bread  
6 Aloo Bhatura Crimp layered fried bread stuffed with mildly spiced potatoes  
Nan-a-Tandoori Bread  
1 Nan Traditional Indian style bread  
2 Onion Nan Onion stuffed bread  
3 Garlic Nan Garlic stuffed nan  
4 Chicken Nan Stuffed with broiled chicken pieces  
5 Aloo Nan Stuffed with lightly spiced potatoes  
6 Chef's Special Stuffed with a combination of onions, garlic, potatoes and chicken  
7 Paneer Nan Stuffed with homemade ground cheese  
Tandoor Specialties  
1 Chicken Tandoori Half chicken marinated in yogurt, mild spices and herbs  
2 Chicken Tikka Boneless marinated chicken pieces  
3 Fish Tikka Delicately broiled to perfection  
4 Shrimp Tandoori Marinated and baked in clay oven  
Rice Specialty Dishes (Biryani)  
1 Vegetable Biryani Special rice blended with garden vegetables, with nuts and raisins  
2 Chicken Biryani Basmati rice cooked with tender chunks of chicken and fresh peas and nuts  
3 Lamb Biryani Basmati rice cooked with lamb cubes and fresh peas and nuts  
4 Shrimp Biryani Fresh shrimp lightly tossed with nuts and raisins  
5 Rice Specially blended rice with a touch of spice and peas  
Vegetarian Specialties  
1 Chana Masala Mildly spiced chick peas with potatoes  
2 Matter Paneer Fresh mild cheese gently cooked with tender green peas and spices  
3 Aloo Saag Potato cubes cooked in spinach and cream  
4 Saag Paneer Mustard green and indian cheese in aromatic spices  
5 Aloo Mattar Peas and potato combination blended with aromatic spices  
6 Malai Kofta Mixed vegetable balls with nuts cooked in onion and tomato sauce  
7 Mixed Vegetables Fresh vegetables blended with spices and nuts with a touch of curry sauce  
8 Dal Makhani Creamed lentils prepared with butter, cream and a touch of spice  
9 Bharatha Eggplant cooked with vegetables and mild spices  
10 Nav Rathan Korma Gentle blend of mixed vegetables, cashews and light creams  
11 Aloo Vindaloo Potatoes cooked in a tangy hot sauce  
12 Vegetable Jalfrezi Fresh vegetables cooked with green peppers, tomatoes and onions  
13 Aloo Gobhi Potatoes and cauliflower cooked with spices  
14 Mushroom Mattar Tender mushrooms and green peas cooked with tomatoes spices and cream  
15 Saag Chholey Chick peas and spinach cooked in tomato and cream sauce  
16 Saag Mushroom Tender mushrooms cooked with spinach and cream sauce  
17 Paneer Makhanni Homemade cheese cubes cooked in tomato and cream sauce  
18 Bhindi Masala Okra cooked with onions and mild spices  
Chicken Specialties (Boneless)  
1 Chicken Curry Mildly spiced with lots of sauce  
2 Chicken Shahi Korma Succulent chicken pieces with gently simmered nuts and raisins  
3 Chicken Jalfrezi Tender chicken cooked with green peppers, tomatoes and onions  
4 Chicken Vindaloo Chicken pieces and potatoes cooked in a tangy hot sauce  
5 Chicken Tikka Masala Lightly broiled chicken cooked in a savory tomato, onion and butter sauce  
6 Chicken Saag Chicken pieces cooked with lightly spiced spinach and cream  
7 Chicken Dal Tender chicken pieces delicately blended with lightly creamed spiced lentils  
8 Chicken Matter Tender chicken pieces cooked with green peas and spices  
9 Chicken Makhani Specially cooked marinated chicken pieces smothered with onions, tomatoes, butter and cream sauce with nuts and raisins  
10 Chili Chicken Made with hot chili and green bell peppers  
11 Chicken Mushroom Tender chicken pieces cooked with mushrooms  
12 Chicken Tikka Saag Boneless marinated chicken cooked with spinach, cream and tomato sauce  
13 Sabaz Chicken Tender chicken pieces cooked with mildly spiced fresh vegetables  
14 Chic Rogan Josh Chicken cooked in tomato sauce with a touch of yogurt  
Lamb Specialties  
1 Lamb Curry Lamb simmered in thick curry sauce  
2 Lamb Do Piaza Lamb smothered with tomatoes, onions, peppers and spices  
3 Lamb Korma Lamb blended with cream, cashews and raisins  
4 Lamb Saag Lamb cooked with spinach and light cream  
5 Lamb Vindaloo Lamb simmered with potatoes in a tangy hot sauce  
6 Lamb Mushroom Lamb cooked with mushrooms  
7 Lamb Rogan Josh Lamb cooked in tomato sauce with a touch of yogurt  
8 Gobhi Gosht Lamb cooked in curry sauce with cauliflower  
Shrimp or Fish Specialties  
1 Traditional Curry Your choice in thick curry sauce  
2 Masala Your choice skewered, marinated in yogurt and pan fried with rich tomatoes, curry and cream  
3 Saag Your choice simmered with spinach in a light cream sauce  
4 Vindaloo Your choice blended with potatoes in a tangy hot sauce  
5 Bhuna Your choice smothered with onions, ginger, garlic, peppers, and tomatoes in a curry sauce  
6 Korma Your choice cooked in curry and cream sauce with nuts and raisins  
Dinner Specialties  
1 Vegetarian Thal Traditional Indian meal with aloo tikki, chholey, matter paneer, dal, nan, raita, rice and dessert topped with papardamm served on a silver platter  
2 Akash India Special Aloo tikki and pakora, chicken tandoori, lamb curry, dal, matter paneer, nan, rice and dessert served on a silver platter  
3 Lamb Chholey Chick peas cooked with lamb, served with Bhatura (fried bread) and rice  
4 Lamb and Shrimp Curry Mildly spiced shrimp and lamb in curry sauce served with non and rice  
1 Gulab Jamun Fried cheese balls soaked in honey syrup served warm  
2 Kheer Indian style rice pudding served cool with pistachios  
3 Kulfi Indian style ice cream with the nutty taste of pistachios and a touch of rose water  
1 Lassi Refreshing yogurt drink sweetened with rose water or salted with crushed cumin seeds  
2 Mango Lassi Chilled sweet mangoes blended with a touch of rose water and fresh homemade yogurt  
3 Aam Ras Chilled sweet mango juice  
4 Mango Milk Shake    
5 Ice Tea    
6 Soft Drinks    
7 Tea or Coffee    
8 Special Tea Freshly brewed with cardamom spices and milk  
9 Milk    
Beer Indian Beer  
  Sierra Nevada Flying Horse  
  Singha Lager King Fisher  
  Heineken Taj Mahal  
  Budweiser Non-Alcoholic Beer  
  Bud Light Buckler  

We feature a vegetarian and non-vegetarian buffet that gives you a sample of many savory and sumptuous flavors. This includes salad bar, a number of dishes, unlimited fresh naan bread, and dessert. Lunch buffet is available every day

We also offer Carry-Out, and Catering. Please call us to order: (513) 723-1300

Children's Menu is also available


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